On Sleeping, Dreaming, and Aging

While I was reading an article, “Is aging a disease?” by Kate Kelland on Yahooo News, it inevitably reminded me of the cumbersome 10 year old computer that I was working on. Constantly freezing up and slow… Anyways. On a strikingly similar level, a human body is like a computer— both live more or less around its life expectancy and the more we use it, the shorter the life span. One of the only (and unfortunately for the immortal worshippers) the fatal difference between the two is that computers can be restarted, whereas, we, cannot. When we’re dead, we’re dead. Our “off” button is not the same as “on.”

The way we rest is through sleeping. Computers “sleep” too. When it does, it uses less power and it is a lot quieter too, in other words, not running on full speed. Similarly, when we sleep, most parts of our body are resting. The less one uses a computer, the “newer” it is. So, if we use less of our body (sleeping), does that mean we’re aging slower? By sleeping, I mean having enough sleep (8hours/day), since most people deprive on it. “Sleeping beauty” doesn’t just come from the fairy tales, a lot of “beauties” claim that they sleep a lot. “A lot” compared to average people who sleep 6 hours or less.

Freud states that dreams are guardians of sleep. If sleeping is like slowing down on aging; then can it be that the agent that keeps us asleep—dreams—is the “drug” (which is also our natural remedy) against aging?

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  1.   Christopher Suppa Said:

    on May 23, 2010 at 6:31 PM

    Yeah but what about you’ll sleep when you’re dead. It’s interesting this dichotomy you point out about sleeping and aging. Aging in what sense? Sleeping and dreaming is all well and good but what about living. The computer can’t do anything when it is in sleep mode and all we can do is create bizarre images and construct accompanying narratives. I think I would rather be ugly then beautiful if this is all sleeping can provide. So are we saying we are young in sleep, and old in life? We can’t all be forever young just ask Mel Gibson.

  2.   Yume Said:

    on May 23, 2010 at 8:52 PM

    I love sleep. I am not one of those students that can pull all-nighters. When I do not get sleep I do feel run down. When we sleep we have a chance to rest and recharge our batteries. If a person does not get enough sleep, you’re body doesn’t have time to recharge and make repairs.

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