An Interview with the Prince of England

A caucasion girl around 14, 15 years-old and I were interviewing the Prince from England. He was maybe 12 or 13, a very polite and a good mannered boy. After ten minutes through the interview, the girl and I both ran out of questions or topics. We were looking at each other, trying to come up with something to fill in the time.

Then, I asked the prince what he aspired to be in the future. He replied politely that he wanted to be an architect, an architect who builds houses for the poor. Speaking of an architect, he reminded me how I also wanted to be an architect some time ago. But I gave up on that thought because I felt that architecture’s all about business. “Well, if you want to work for the poor, how exactly are you going to get money to do that?” I was asking this question part sincerely, part thinking to myself “where else, from his parents!” Then he and the other reporter got irritated, and as the interview goes by, they grew more scornful as if they could not bear my presence any longer. It was as if I was an eyesore. How rude and hostile they became! I felt like being looked down upon. When I pointed out that the reason they thought they superior to me was due to their white supremacist mindset. They laughed it off, giving me this “she’s crazy” kind of look. I sat through the 30 min of the interview.

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  1.   wakemesoftly Said:

    on May 17, 2010 at 11:04 AM

    You wanted to become an architect but then talked yourself out of it and now time has passed but the thought is popping back up. In your dream people are turning hostile towards you because your uncertain. Perhaps its a repressed desire of yours ?

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