Seeing all the “me”s

Had to go somewhere. More like, had to get out of this place, “this place” I don’t know where. A feeling of Dejavu—trappedness.

I was in a stock room full of boxes and a desk. It’s as if someone works there. I was anxious to find an exit, when I found one, I was worried that it would bring me back to the same room! I’ve already went around a circle and I don’t want to be trapped here forever.

I passed/escaped the second level (going through the narrow pipes), got to  the first, and the real world is beneath the first level.

I did it. I finally got home. There were four bunk beds in the room; there were three different “me”s (the “me” when I was trapped in the stock room; the “me” when I was on the second floor…). I was horrified. Am I still trapped? Am I going to be forever trapped in this? Is this an endless nightmare? But just then, seeing all those “me” from different time and location, I reasoned it’s not possible in the real world. There is only ONE “me” in the real world, so it’s can’t be real— it must be a dream. I figured since it’s a dream, I might as well go along with it. I mean, when else am I gonna experience something like this. Then, I was able to calm down.

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