Eiffel Tower and Math

I moved to a new place. I didn’t know where the bus stop was and what to take. A friend of mine from the elementary school stopped by and her mother was happy to drive both of us to the school. It was an exam day. We waited outside at what looked a dock. The sea streched all the day to Europe. I could see the Eiffel Tower partly covered in mist, the German Brandenburg Gate, and the Capitol building. Every one was curious by the sight, (usually only the Eiffel Tower could be seen) and gathered to look. When I looked from another angle, I saw different buildings and towers. For a split moment, I felt like I saw a bridge which looks very familiar, but couldn’t tell from where.

I rehearsed the math formulas. I was confident on the square equations, but was shaky on the third power. I confirmed the factors with my friend, (a+-b)^3= a^3+ a^2b+ ab^2+…

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