“The difference between a crazy person and Dali is that he is not crazy.” (Written by a critic on Dali’s works).

If paranoia is compared to a dream, then a patient with paranoia lives in the dream, s/he is a character in the dream, s/he  is not able to wake up from the dream; on the other hand, Dali is like the narrator of the dream, he does not reside in the dream, the craziness, rather, he is in the reality, only, he is able to transform the ephemeral part of the dream (the craziness, the paranoia) into a lasting form. If a crazy person is a paranoid character in a story; then, Dali is the story weaver. He keeps the charater, the craziness, alive. Eventually, we can find some resonance in the character for every one dreams and dreams are at its best illogical.

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